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    Real Demo
    of Future Commerce
    at 4 Expo Areas

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    Future Commerce

Date: April 27~April 29
Time: 09:00~17:30
Venue: Taipei Expo Dome (1, Yumen St.)

About Future Commerce Expo

When it comes to “Technology”, what comes to your mind first? Explanation is not enough, let’s experience it fully! Even with the rapid progress of technology, consumer is always the root to build the scene of real  “Business World”. That’s why “Experience” is the core value of Future Commerce.

Future Commerce Expo brings the diverse spheres in order to convey the connotation from industries, technical sides, and consumers.
What’s more, Future Commerce Expo 2017 showcase its highlights through the forum; four core concepts (Future Business, Future Technology, Future Experience and Future Connection), scenario plan, future living zone, and Future Commerce Award.

“All Intellengence” The theme for Future Commerce Expo 2017.

Economy 4.0 influence our daily lives, including unmanned operation, automation, scenarization, and customization---unveils the fact that future commerce will keep its progress.

Future Commerce Expo 2017 leads you to see the world with “All Intelligence”; Future Commerce Expo 2017 leads you to see the better future has been scenarized  at the moment.

Even with the rapid progress of technology, consumer is always the root to build the scene of real “Business World”. That’s why “Experience” is the core value of Future Commerce.

Crossover Talks with Insightful Trends and Powerful Speakers

Apply trending knowledge into real know-how

  • INSIGHT to the Future:2017 Future Commerce Expo Crossover Forum
  • Manager for the Future:Networking Summit for innovative managers
  • Knowledge about the Future:Knowledge Sharing Talks about Futre Commerce
  • Industries of the Future:Experts Talking about Next Featured Industries

Real Demo of Future Commerce at 4 Expo Areas

Building the future scenes at 4 expo areas with multiples solutions and applications to open up the imagination about the coming future.

  • Future Business : Explore New Business Models
  • Future Technology : Opportunities for Business Operating
  • Future Experience : Creating the amazing touch points to cosumers
  • Future Connection : Innovative Communication to Build Infinite Connecting Dots

Connect the new gene of Technology

Tech-based Expo Integrating with RFID, Mobile Tools, AI, and Big Data for Complete Experience

  • Full Pass in the Indivisual RFID Band
  • Experience Shopping with Mobile Payment
  • Tour Guding by AI Robots

Online + Offline Exhibiting Experience

Base on the gene of tech, connecting the whole exhibition with OOH mediums, live streaming, and MR.

  • Mixed Reality Gaming Events
  • Expereience Product X!The Next WOW Products.
  • Live Talk Shows at Future Studio

2017 Future Commerce Forum

DAY1:2017/4/27 9:00-16:50

09:00-09:30 【Registration】
09:30-09:40 【Opening Remarks】 Fei Peng Ho / Honorary Publisher of Business Next
Future Business
09:40-10:30 Leading the Future: Next Steps in Commerce You Wu-yang/ Tmall- Product & Technology Department of Alibaba Group
10:30-11:00 New Age, New Media, New Business Sea Yen Ong / Vice President of Spotify in Asia
11:00-11:30 Global Vision for New AI Era Chin-Yew Lin / Principal Research Manager of the Knowledge Mining Group at Microsoft Research Asia
11:30-12:00 New Retail Era:Redefine Consumption Scenarios Rami Baitieh / CEO of Carrefour Taiwan
12:00-12:20 New Experience of Smarter Commerce Hong Yu Xiang, Deputy Director General of IDEAS for iii
12:20-13:30 【Break】
Future Technology
13:30-14:10 New Payment Ecosystem: Change the Future Appearance of the World Paul Jung/ Head of Products, North East Asia, Visa
14:10-14:40 Business Revolution, Enabled by AI Eunice Chiu/Taiwan General Manager of NVIDIA
14:40-15:10 Past, Present and Future- How Technology Overturn the Financial Industry Friedman Wang / Executive Vice President Division of Global Retail Credit Risk Management Division, CTBC Bank
15:10-15:30 Emerging IoT Business Opportunities Joshua Tzeng / Vice General Manager of BenQ Business Solution
Future Experience
15:30-16:00 Engage Consumers with AI for Better Services Masaya Mori / Global head of Rakuten Institute of Technology Executive officer of Rakuten Inc.
16:00-16:20 Break away from Robot Mythology .Go to Market Vincent Lin / General Manager at Perobot
16:20-16:50 Discover New Shopping Experiences with VR Raymond Pao / Vice President of VR New Technology, HTC Corp.

DAY2:2017/4/28 9:00-17:20

09:00-09:30 【Registration】
09:30-09:40 【Opening Remarks】
Future Connection
09:40-10:00 New Retailing: Accelerating Digital Transformation for Retail Brands. Steven Ho/CEO of 91APP, Inc.
10:00-10:30 Online Video, New Creative Codes to Communicate with Consumers. Takaomi Saegusa / Chief Creative Officer of C Channel
10:30-11:00 Over The Top(OTT), New Opportunities for Brand Interaction Antoine Nazaret/ VP Content – APAC of Dailymotion
11:00-11:30 Personalized Creative Advertising, Create a Premium Brand Experience Alban Villani /General Manager, Cretio Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Taiwan
11:30-11:50 Inspiriting Experiences of Omni-channel Retailing Wei-Min Lan / EC Product Director, YAHOO
12:00-13:30 【Break】
Future Management
13:30-14:10 Navigating a World of Digital Disruption Mr. JT Hsu/Partner and Managing Director, BCG
14:10-14:50 Talent Management Strategy for Future Growth - Drive the Second Business Life Curve. Carol Hong/GM of GPM (Grand Pacific Management ) Co. Ltd.
14:50-15:30 The Key from Enterprise Cultivates and Guide Future Leader. Perry Chyau/CEO of Chiahui Group
15:30-16:10 Digital Transformation Accelerator - Smart Office Communication 4.0 in new generation. James Sha/General Manager of Acer Being Communication
16:10-16:50 Promoting Future Commerce in order to Obtain Innovative Strategy Advantage Ming-Je Tang/Professor, National Taiwan University and College of Management
16:50-17:20 Logistics Management: Harnessing Innovative Technology to Capitalize on Cross-border Business Opportunities. Pi Chung Wei Wayne/Managing Director of UPS Taiwan